Morning Glory Fruitful Salad


I cant think of a better way to start your day, than this light, gorgeous, balanced fruit salad. Unlike your average fruit salad, this is packed with protein from avocados & nuts, to start your day with some energy that will last, without eggs or meat, and without a heavy dose of wheat/gluten, which can make most of us lethargic.

Let me start off by raging about avocado. This fatty fruit, that the Aztecs called Ahuacuatl which translates to ‘testicle tree’, is maybe my favorite food ever to bless this earth. Just to name a few of its benefits, it contains magnesium, vitamin E and zinc – ALL of which are essential to a healthy libido – and healthy fats which increase your metabolism, heart health, and lower cholesterol. I generally attempt to make avocado part of my daily eating habits, and recommend the same for everyone.

Watermelon’s citrulline content in recent studies has shown to have essentially the same effect as viagra in its blood vessel relaxation, promoting healthy blood flow, which can treat and even prevent erectile dysfunction in men. Watermelon is great for general cardiovascular health, and will keep you feeling full if you feel you might miss your usual morning carb intake. IMPORTANT TRICK: use as much of the white part of the rind as possible, as this is the part that contains  the most of these nutrients (and adds extra crunch!)

Furthermore, we have Mango – a voluptuous treat used to help with virility problems in India, Pine Nuts –  packed full of zinc which is essential especially testosterone levels, and Mint – a fresh and chilling sensational treat, and minty breath to boot.

What really gets me about this salad, is the gradient of the three textures, varying from the mouth-caressing creamy avocado to the bright, juicy watermelon, and the slippery mango right between the both (and of course nuts for crunch)…




* Watermelon

* Mango

* Avocado

* Nuts such as pine nuts, macadamia, or pistachio

* Herbs such as dill, mint or even basil

* Lemon zest (I prefer to use the zest, as when you use juice is can get sloppy)

* Edible garden flowers for some visual and aromatic arousal – check which to use here: Edible flowers

Toss together and indulge in this morning glory sensory delight…



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