Tarragon Scallops with Cherimoya & Almonds

Image Sea creatures occupy a large portion of the aphrodisiac list, and what could be more symbolic for our first recipe on Aphro Cuisine, than the Scallop – the very vessel that carried Aphrodite to earth. But it is not only this mysticism that brings us to believe Scallops are an aphrodisiac. In recent studies, they have shown to balance and increase sexual hormones, and not to mention their silky-butter texture, and beautiful shell for a visual stimulant to boot! What to put with such a delicate flavor – the cherimoya of peru captured my attention with its zingy flavor similar to the custard apple, just with a bit more flare and spice. As it is hard to find in western countries, custard apple will work beautifully, embodying the same silken texture as its southern cousin. For crunch – Almonds – an incredible source of magnesium and vitamin E antioxidants, which improve your heart function, help with male impotence, and whose aroma has been known to arouse women. And always add a fresh herb… Tarragon, which is a body-warming herb. IMG_7418 INGREDIENTS (CLICK THE LINKED INGREDIENTS FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THEIR APHRODISIACAL PROPERTIES…) 12 fresh scallops 4 tbsp butter Small handfull of Tarragon Half a Chirimoya (or Custard Apple) – seeds removed and flesh filetted Quarter cup of almonds METHOD… Prepare your scallops – you can choose to remove the coral (the orange part) or not. They are considered a delicacy, and I like them both with or without, but for this dish decided without would suit. Wash the sacllops and pat dry) for extra crispiness when frying. Wash and save the shells for serving. Heat a good pan on medium-high heat until nice and hot. add 2 tbsp butter, and once melted, drop half the scallops in (cook in 2 batches for even heating), and surround with half the almonds and about 15 leaves of tarragon. The pan should be hot enough that they turn golden brown within about 1.5 mins on either side. To serve, lay out a thin layer of chirimoya flesh on the scallops shell, place scallops on top with some of the burnt butter sauce, and surrounding crsipy bits. Garnish with some frisee or other greens around the shell, a splash of lemon, and there you are! IMG_7424


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