Seared Peach, Ciliegine & Fennel Salad with Prosciutto Crumbles

Seared peach & ciliegine Salad 4

It’s Peach season, and the peaches are bursting to be enjoyed in new ways… Mixed with a handful of other contrasting and caressing aphrodisiac ingredients, this is a fun flirtatious way to enjoy peaches in a sensual salad.

The peaches, are highlighted by the gentle surrounding flavors; watercress, which is similar in taste & properties to arugula – another intimate ingredient, the smooth creamed texture of the ciliegine, which has been marinated in chili and the mythically renowned rosemary, and the barely-anise fennel which is full of female hormones to pass on.

To dress, the zesty honey, mustard drizzle provide a further aphro-kick to boot, and lets not forget the crunchy, and homely aromatic prosciutto.

This salad has everything you need for a romantic afternoon delight…

Seared peach & ciliegine Salad peaches 2



  • 3 Ripe Peaches, halved
  • 1/2 a bulb of fennel – shaved into fine slivers
  • 3/4 cup ciliegine or bocconcini cheese
  • 4 thin slices of prosciutto
  • 1 1/2 cups loose watercress (note the link is for arugula, but the two are very similar in their properties)
  • 2 fresh red birds eye chillies – finely sliced
  • Few sprigs of rosemary
  • 3 tbsp whole seed mustard
  • 1 tbsp honey + extra for grilling peaches
  • 1 tbsp balsamic
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

First thing to start of preparation is to marinate your ciliegine cheese in some nice olive oil along with the chili and a small handful of rosemary sprigs – don’t tear the leaves up to much, as you will be fishing them out later. Best to marinate them for at least 2 hours.

Once your cheese is almost ready, heat a cast iron pan on medium for 5 minutes or grill plate if you have one – the charred lines on a peach is always a beautiful touch. Prepare your peaches to be sizzled: stuff the centre with a small amount of rosemary, and drizzle about a teaspoon of honey in the peach nook too. Then brush the open face of the halved peaches very lightly with olive oil (you can use the oil that the cheese is marinating in) and place in your hot pan, face down. They should sizzle immidiately. Turn them after about 3 minutes or when they are looking caramelized, and cook for another two on their backside. Set aside…

Seared peach & ciliegine Salad peaches 4

Fry off the prosciutto on a low-medium heat until crisp and slightly golden on the ridges, about 2-3 mins each side. Remove and set aside.

Remove the cheese from it’s marinade, and place aside ready for assembling. Use the olive oil from the mixture to make your salad dressing first removing the rosemary, then adding the balsamic, the mustard seed, the lemon and honey (whizz these two together with a blender for easier integration of the honey) and lastly salt and pepper. Give it a good whisk, and then taste. You will need to use your good judgement to make the perfect dressing – measurements are approximate, so just taste to see if it is too acidic, too sweet, not salty enough etc.

Slice your peaches into the bite or not so bite size you prefer and mix peaches, cheese, fennel and watercress in a bowl or arrange straight on the plates. Drizzle dressing over your salad, crumble the prosciutto, be sure to admire your beautiful work, and enjoy with a sweet glass of rose!

Seared peach & ciliegine Salad 2


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