1st Aphro Pop-Up @ Lincoln Park Wine Bar

Salmon 2

Last night, marked the blossoming of the Aphro Pop-Up Experience…

32 People dined and experienced the sultry magic of connecting deeply with their food, their partners, their own sensuality, and being invigorated by aphrodisiacal cuisine.

It was an Aphro designed 5 course meal executed by celebrated chef Stephen Simmons from Lincoln Park Wine, in San Anselmo, California. Each course is created with it’s own interactive element in which the participants are guided in how to indulge properly… Eat with your hands, feed your partner, and use this blindfold. The experience was such a success, we will holding another event in the coming weeks, date TBA in the coming days.

Look out for the next event here at Lincoln Park, or in your Area – Aphro will be traveling.

If you are interested in attending, please email Megan on:  aphrocuisine@gmail.com

Here are the first sumptuous snaps…

Aphro lucas & steve Aphro soup Leeta Iseult Lucas Megs 2 Panna Cotta Ravioli


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