More on Buckwheat Pancakes – fried egg, balsamic glazed mushrooms & prosciutto

IMG_9133 Last week I showed you all how to make delicious, nutritious soaked buckwheat pancakes (or crêpes). Here is a really quick, savoury & scrumptious idea for using up them ol’ crêpes. The same person who gifted me this egg-on-a-crêpe idea was the person who inspired this very blog. Time to spread the good word!

  • Reheat (or make) your crêpe on a low flame in a little butter – crack your egg immediately on top, and cover with a lid. Cook just until the white is all hardened, but yolk is runny.
  • Sautée your mushrooms in butter & salt on med-high for about 4 minutes. Add a good splash of balsamic and pepper, and cook a further minute or so until the outside just caramelizes.
  • Shave some pecorino, toscano or parmesan on top (or any cheese around!)
  • Tear your fresh prosciutto atop
  • Sprinkle some dill sprigs
  • More pepper
  • Squeeze of fresh lemon
  • Pop your yolk, and get into it!



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