Where to begin… This incredible nut has to be one of the most useful, amazing foods and medicines in the world. There are countless societies in the world which depend on coconuts for their everyday lives, to name a few: a versatile food, oil (for eating AND for driving), sunscreen, hydration, roofing & housing, rope, antiseptic, wound and infection healing. Coconut water was even used successfully for blood transfusions during WWII!

As an aphrodisiac, the water of the coconut maybe the most beneficial – one glass of the stuff contains huge amounts of electrolytes (even more than a sports drink) and a good boost of potassium to heighten your nervous system and muscle function. Although Coconut Oil is something I recommend to keep in your fridge AND in your bedside drawer at all times. In the kitchen, it is an extremely healthy condiment you can use to fry and bake at medium temperatures or as a butter replacement for a tropical sweet flavor. In the bedroom, it serves as a beautiful fragrant massage oil, a fantastic natural lubricant to give your partner even more of an appetite, and not only does the lubricant work it’s magic in action, it is also a great antibacterial to keep infections away!

I recommend you check out this full list of uses for this miracle oil!



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