What is it?

– Aphro is not only a seductive culinary and sensory experience, but a way of life. A way to more deeply benefit from and enjoy  the intrinsic pleasure and vital energy that food bring us everyday –

Eating is a ritual. It enriches our daily lives, enlivens our body and mind, and when we savour and indulge with intention, evokes our sensuality. For as long as us humans have been traversing the culinary realms, we have used intimate ingredients to spice up our lives, our libidos and our cuisine. These foods can effect your senses more than you know, through textures, aromas, hormone-inducing properties, increasing blood flow, heightening senses, the list goes on.

But then comes the act of eating. Enjoying this food sensuality only requires the appreciation from the beholder – exploring the extents of food pleasure, taking the time to close your eyes and smell, touching your food, feeding one-another, feeling the exotic textures, abandoning the rules and most importantly, being playful!

Through my sensory and culinary endeavors, I have found that the at the crux of what defines an aphrodisiac, are healthy, balanced foods that provide the right nutrients and hormones to keep your body in prime shape for prime loving. This is the foundation of my Aphro food philosophy, and I’m here to share this project and my passion with all who pass!


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